What It Means to be a Craving Fighter Queen

PowerOverCravings_FreeTrainingI struggled with the words “Craving Fighter Queen” because it sounds like you constantly have to battle with your cravings for sweets, desserts, and junk food.

Instead, I’m giving the title a whole new meaning — an empowering one.

To be a “Craving Fighter Queen” means that you consistently feel in control of yourself and your food choices. I picture this type of person to look so confident in herself, enjoy her food, enjoy life, and could careless about anyone else’s opinions because she so focused on what’s right for her and her body.

The reason I struggled with this earlier was I thought that in order to be a good coach for cravings and emotional eating I had to be a really good “fighter” and train others how to get in the boxing ring with a candy bar craving.

But struggling and fighting is no way to live and it’s NOT fun at all.

Now I focus on what I truly want:

I show others how to feel completely in control, make the best choices for their health and happiness, and overall just feel proud of themselves.

When you flip this switch from struggle to empowerment, the weight loss part is so easy. A few years ago, I struggled for an entire year (everyday), trying as hard as I could to achieve my goal weight. No matter how much exercising I did and counted my calories, it would always backfire and I would gain the weight back. Even trying at my hardest I could only get 5 pounds away from a goal weight which was a huge disappointment. Not only was this completely frustrating but it definitely was tearing away at my self-esteem. I thought “I have to try harder and I have to be more committed”.

Well I got a huge slap in the face the following year when I finally stopped trying to diet and run 3-7 miles a day (ya, I know I was crazy). I stopped all that and just focused on eating healthy. I stopped calorie counting (which was scary) and listened to my body and gave it the best foods I knew to give it. I only exercised for 20 minutes every morning and nothing too extreme.

And then when I wasn’t even caring about my weight anymore but feeling pretty good I stepped on the scale and realized I had surpassed my weight goal. Huge smile all day long 🙂

For today, what is your meaning of being a “Craving Fighting Queen”? What does it look like? And what does it feel like?