Stop Junk Food Cravings without Willpower


I couldn’t keep chocolate, ice cream, or cookies in my house

For years, every time I would try to lose weight (which felt like almost everyday) I would try as hard as I could with willpower to stop junk food cravings.

However, the more I resisted my favorite treats the more I wanted them. At night, all I could think about vanilla granola, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream covered with rainbow sprinkles, blueberry muffins, and white chocolate KitKat bars.

No matter how hard I tried, after a few days, I would find myself eating massive amounts of those sugary carbs.

It was completely frustrating. I felt so guilty and ashamed when I did this and thought “Why can’t I get this under control?”

After many years and many mentors, I finally figured out how to conquer those cravings. I became in control over food instead of food controlling me and felt like Craving Fighting Queen!

And now, I trust myself so much that I can even keep chocolate, cereal, and all kinds of sugary foods in my kitchen cabinets without worrying about binging on them. So cool!

It’s actually pretty easy to gain control over food when you understand how your mind works.

Here’s my top 3 mind hacks on how to end the junk food obsession:

Mind Trick #1:
Find Out WHY You Love Your Favorite Treats

What’s your #1 favorite treat that you have a hard time giving up? Now, what is your first memory with this food? Usually, when I ask that question, people say the memory was a really happy time in their life.

For example, my first memory of ice cream was going to the local ice cream shops with my dad and being so excited to get our favorite dessert together.

It made total sense that every time I was stressed out or overwhelmed all I wanted was ice cream.

But it actually wasn’t the ice cream I wanted. I wanted fun, excitement, and comfort.

It’s very empowering to realize that a belief is formed so early in life — like for me ice cream meant fun, excitement, and comfort. Once you’ve done the detective work, then you can change the belief.

I have a really powerful strategy I walk through with my clients on how to release the emotion tied with specific foods. Check out my free video on How to Stop Cravings in Less Than 5 Minutes.

Mind Trick #2:
Command Your Mind with Pictures and Words

Your mind takes orders by pictures in your head
and the words you say to yourself.

Your mind works in pictures. For example, think of cookie. A picture of a cookie will appear in your mind.

Your mind also responds to the words you say to yourself. Now you can either say to yourself  “I love cookies! They are my favorite.” which will definitely make you CRAVE cookies even more.

Or you could say to yourself  “Cookies are nothing but unhealthy fat and sugar that’s just going to add more fat to my body. I’d rather choose to eat something healthier that’s going to keep me slim because I love being at my perfect weight.” With those thoughts, the cookie doesn’t seem appealing.

What new pictures and words will you COMMAND to your mind so that junk food becomes less appealing? And what new pictures and words will you say about healthy food to make those seem very appealing?

Mind Trick #3:
Turn Resisting into Choosing

Using willpower to resist your favorite foods only makes you want those foods even more.

It’s because you’re telling yourself “I would love to have cookies but I can’t.” Your mind just hears the command of “I would love to have cookies”. It will figure out a way to carry out that command even if it means sneaking out in the middle of the night to get cookies at a convenience store.

Instead of resisting junk food, say to yourself “I choose to eat healthy because I love taking good care of my body and I’m excited to feel slimmer in my skinny jeans!” Then your mind only hears a command of “healthy food” and “being slim” and will carry out those orders.

It’s just like a vegetarian doesn’t have to resist meat. They simply choose not to eat meat and have plenty of other foods to choose from.

What new words will you say to yourself about your food choices? Start with the powerful phrase: “I choose…”


Being a Pro at Handling Cravings

It’s so freeing to not have to battle with my cravings anymore. I simply don’t care about junk food which is a dream come true!

It’s as simple as this: by changing your thoughts about junk food you change your actions. That’s when you can go weeks and months without even caring about junk food anymore. Amazing!

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