How to Stop Sugar Cravings at Night Fast with 1 Little Trick

how to stop sugar cravings at night

For the longest time, I searched for ways on how to stop sugar cravings at night. After coming home from work feeling mentally exhausted, I would crave cookies, brownies, cereal, or anything that was full of sugar, fat, and carbohydrates.

My brain would crave energy and, like a drug, those foods would help me relax and zone out.

Until the next morning when I would have a complete food hangover, feel fat, and feel like absolute shit.

I would be so PISSED OFF at myself for giving into the cravings again. It was beyond annoying and frustrating.

After many months of researching, on how to stop sugar cravings at night, and trying all kinds of products, diets, you name it — I came across something that worked so well for me.

I started to work with a nutritionist from Julia Ross’s clinic after reading Julia’s book The Diet Cure (which I highly recommend if you want to lose weight, have more energy, and overall feel happier).

I loved Julia’s philosophies and research about supplementing with certain amino acids to combat sugar cravings and achieve a healthy weight loss.

One of the supplements my nutritionist recommended for me L-Glutamine. Honestly, I didn’t believe her that it would help much because I didn’t feel any difference in my mood or energy taking them the first time.

For about the past month now, I’ve been taking glutamine for sugar cravings and I can’t believe how fast it works to completely eliminate sugar and carb cravings (especially those cravings at night when I come home mentally exhausted).

It’s been the best advice I’ve been given on how to stop sugar cravings at night.

There’s a trick to making glutamine crush sugar cravings fast…

Whenever I have a craving for sugar I open the glutamine capsule and put the powder directly on my tongue and let it sit there for awhile. I learned this from my nutritionist.

I really enjoy the taste of it. It’s mostly a powder texture and has a very slight sweetness to it. It kind of reminds me of those candy cigarettes I used to have as a kid, but without the massive sugar flavor.

It works fast because within a minute or two I could care less about sugar.

Side note: when I was severely calorie restricting (like under 1000 calories a day) glutamine obviously didn’t work. For glutamine to be effective you have to be eating consistent meals and getting in at least 1200 or more calories a day (healthy calories, like veggies, fruits, meats, and healthy fats).

I’ll get more into what you should be eating to get rid of sugar cravings in another post.

But anyway, another trick I like to do with glutamine for sugar cravings is to have a dose (usually 1000 mg) right before I eat a meal. That way I don’t get those pesky cravings for sugar after having a meal.

There are some kick-ass benefits to taking glutamine besides sugar and carb cravings:


Poop like a champ

  • Glutamine is so good for your digestive system and keeps everything moving along consistently

Mental clarity

  • It helps your brain get the fuel it’s craving. When I was mentally exhausted at night I would crave sugar but now that I kill the cravings with glutamine my brain gets the energy it was craving.
  • Glutamine also can help with memory, focus, and concentration since it’s another source of fuel for your brain. Hell yeah!

Toned body

  • Who doesn’t love looking more toned? Of course, it’s not going to make you look like a bodybuilder but if you do work out it helps with muscle growth for a healthier, stronger body.

Reduced muscle soreness

  • I noticed this myself. If I worked out harder, which typically would cause my muscle to be sore the next day, and I took glutamine my muscles weren’t sore!

Fat Loss

I also checked out some of the reviews on Amazon to see what other benefits people are getting from L-Glutamine and it helps people in so many ways like overall more energy, reduced muscle soreness, helping with digestive issues, and of course, stopping sugar cravings.

There’s two forms of glutamine: powder or pills. I’ve tried both and either of them works just the same. The pills are a little more convenient when you’re out on the go.

Here’s the two I use and recommend from Amazon:how to stop cravings at night - glutamine powderHowtoStopSugarCravingsAtNight_GluatminePills

Reach out to me if you have any other questions about glutamine or stop sugar cravings at night. Would love to help you out.