How to Stop Binge Eating – My Success Story

I want to talk about my personal story on how I was able to stop binge eating on sugar and junk food.

It seems like there’s thousands of videos on how to stop binge eating and cravings and some are good, some are not so good, but I’m just gonna share my story.

Hopefully, it helps you in some way or it might trigger something that will help you along your journey.

I tried so many things to try to figure out how to stop binge eating. But before I get into those…

Here’s a little bit of a backstory what happened to me.

When I was in my teens I tried to lose weight by restricting my calories. I was a dancer at the time and I wanted to get super skinny like the other dancers in my classes. So I would eat less food and it would work.

I would get skinny BUT it backfired over time.

I couldn’t maintain that low calorie intake and I would fall into these periods of binge eating on all kinds of junk food like ice cream, cereal, and candy bars — basically any thing that was high in sugar and carbs.

I would feel completely out of control with these binge eating attacks.

Sometimes but I would just keep spiraling into these periods of binge eating all the way up until my all the way through my 20 is pretty much and then even into my early 30s.

Sometimes the binges were once a week but sometimes even more.

That’s when I think it became a habit at this point.

At the end of the day, around 3:00 or 4:00 I would be mentally exhausted and physically exhausted.


On my drive home from work,
I would get this voice in my head saying:


“Oh, let’s just have like a little bit of ice cream”




“Just this one cookie”


So I’d go into convenience store and, of course, I’d grab more than one thing. I would get Twix bars and white chocolate KitKat bars, which were my favorite. And I’d even get an ice cream cone.

I ate all of them on the way home and then it wouldn’t stop there!

I would just want more.

When I got home I would eat a few bowls of ice cream, bowls of cereal, bread with lots of butter on it and I would feel so out of control because it’s like I couldn’t stop.

A part of me wanted to stop eating but the urge to want to binge was so much stronger,

Then the next day I would feel so fat and miserable — like a hangover from the food and sugar.

I would beat myself up. I’d try to reduce my calories again so I could at least lose the weight that I gained from eating massive amounts of food all in one night.


Let me list all things I tried that didn’t work for me to stop the binge eating:

I tried hypnosis
I went to five or six sessions. It helped a little in the beginning but it didn’t have the long-term effects that I had wanted.

I tried tapping EFT
It’s a type of therapy like acupuncture without the needles. It helped a little bit but still not the long-term effects I needed to stop the binge eating.

I tried being vegan
That backfired big time and my skin got really bad.

I tried drinking lots of diet soda at night to kick my sugar craving
Although it did kind of work, drinking chemicals everyday is awful in so many way and made me feel gross overtime.

I tried so many diets

I read some books on binge eating
The book Brain Over Binge was really good. It talks about the two different parts of your brain. An animal-type part and a human-type part. And she goes on to tell how the animal brain wants the food and the human brain that knows that you have power over it. I was excited about that concept at first but then it just didn’t work for me but it’s helped a lot of people so check it out, maybe it can help you. The book has gotten really good Amazon reviews and success stories.

Also the book Never Binge Again had a similar philosophy but with a different twist to it. It might help you but for me it didn’t really give me the result of stopping binge eating that I was looking for.


Here we go!

This is what helps me the most…

This strategy breaks down to 2 things:

#1 Prevention
giving my body the fuel it needs

#2 Momentum
keeping with a powerful mindset consistently to STOP the binge eating mode


For example, when I have a sugar craving or feel that urge to binge I IMMEDIATELY build a momentum back to feeling in control again. I’ll interrupt the thought patterns of the craving or binge urge by getting aggressive with myself then build the momentum back to feeling in control and powerful again.

Let me go into a little more detail about Prevention.

I got this from the book The Diet Cure by Julie Ross — changed my life! I ended up working with one of the nutritionists from Julia Ross’s clinic and she helped me so much with reducing sugar cravings, having so much more energy, and lifting my depression.

To prevent cravings I eat protein, mostly animal protein, at every meal — breakfast, lunch, and dinner. THis gets the body the amino acids and B vitamins it needs.

And oh my god, my skin improved so much. I’ve never had such amazing, soft, clear skin. It’s been so long since I’ve had a pimple. It’s been amazing!

Also, low carb veggies at every meal.

Fruits here and there only because the sugar would kind of trigger the binge eating. Also carbs like breads and pastas those also are a big trigger foods for me.

What happens is when you eat carbs or sugar your blood sugar spikes and then insulin kicks in and tries to regulate your blood sugar. That’s when you get the sugar crash. You feel like shit. You get low-energy and mental exhaustion.

Instead if you have protein and low carb vegetables (like broccoli, brussels sprouts, asparagus, lettuce, romaine, spinach, kale) all that good stuff gives your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

It also the stuff your brain needs to function effectively.

That made sense to me because before when I used to binge all the time I would get mentally exhausted at night and that’s when my cravings were the worst. My brain wanted instant an energy boost and would signal my body to crave sugar.

Now that I’m giving my body breakfast, lunch, and dinner — protein and veggies consistently — I have so much energy, I slimmed down, and I have a super slender stomach. It’s so awesome!

And binge eating — I don’t even remember the last time I did. It was so long ago.

I guess there could be a possibility of binge eating in the future. I am only human but I’m in a momentum with the healthy eating that I feel powerful and in control. I don’t worry about binge eating anymore.

If I do eat a cookie or something that throws me off track where I feel like I want to eat more and more I feel like it’s easy for me to stop that momentum and get right back on track.

If you catch it (those urges to eat more) in the early stages and try your best — I mean you really got to push — and start building momentum back to being powerful the cravings go away fast.

Be aggressive about it!

That was the thing that’s worked for me so well and gave me the most success:

Be aggressive about not giving into the cravings.

Be powerful!

Stand up walk around and feel like your Super Woman. I stand up tall and start like punching my hand and say “Hell NO! I’m not giving in. I’m STRONG!”

I’ll be aggressive with myself and build that momentum back to being powerful and in control again in the middle of a binge (like you’ve already eaten three or four cookies and you want eat more) that’s when you really need to really be aggressive.


Be REALLY powerful.


Change your body.


Stand up tall.


Push your shoulders down and back.


Walk around like you got a cape on your back.


Punch or hit yourself in the leg to get back into that power momentum.


So those are the two things that have helped me tremendously with stopping binge eating.

It’s kind of embarrassing to talk about but I just hope it helps you.


Again, the two things are:

#1 Prevention
getting consistent healthy foods for your brain and body

#2 Momentum
reverse the momentum when those binge eating urges come up


Be powerful again.

Being wimpy and giving into the craving is not gonna help.

Be aggressive and powerful.

Do your power walk or whatever you need to do to feel powerful again.

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