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the Craving Fighter Queen

On the outside I looked like I had it all together

I was always an honor-roll student in school, never really got in trouble, and always had good relationships with my family and friends.

On the inside I was an emotional MESS

I would spend many nights by myself binge eating on massive amounts of junk food — ice cream, cereal, bread, chips, and any junk food I could get my hands on. And then I would struggle with yo-yo dieting to control the obsession with my weight.

I knew everything about calorie counting and exercise but I kept struggling with the "losing and gaining weight" cycles. It was an endless emotional roller coaster.

I was so frustrated at myself for continuing to fall into these patterns of compulsive eating. I would use food to zone out so I could avoid dealing with my stress, extreme overwhelm, anxiety, and my weight issues.

I was so HARD on myself — I felt like I was never good enough, never thin enough, and I would mentally beat myself up for overeating on junk food.

Finally, I was able to break free

It was until I discovered a cutting-edge technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping) that I was finally able to break free of those bad eating habits. Through using this method along with an empowered mindset and nutrition guidelines, I finally felt in control of myself.

I saw such a HUGE shift in my eating behavior and the excess weight I had been carrying around fell off so easily.

The best part is when I do feel a craving come on, or find myself having a bad day, I know exactly what to do to shift it and get right back on track. It's been life changing!


Now I get to help others feel in control and slim down effortlessly

Because of my struggling, I have a passion for helping others and that's where Power Over Cravings came in. I became an emotional eating and weight loss coach trained in Emotional Freedom Techniques through the Brittany Watkins Coaching Program.

My expertise and mission is to help women END the struggle with intense cravings and, binge eating so they can finally feel in control, slim down naturally, and overall feel so much more happier.

To learn more about my personal weight loss story and about my online program check out my video: Craving Fighting Secrets Video


6 Week Online Program

I'm also the creator of the B.E. Free Program, which is a 6 week online program based on the solutions I use when I'm coaching my clients. It's a complete step-by-step system with video tutorials and downloadable worksheets.

In the B.E. Free Program, you'll learn:

  • How to feel calm and in control around food (even your favorite snacks)
  • Top motivation strategies to give you rock-solid willpower so it becomes easy and effortless to exercise and eating right
  • Most importantly, how to stop intense cravings in minutes!

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